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Study on the materials, accessories used in Protective Gears for bikers and selection of material there of using Finite Element Analysis - A review

Various fabrics and accessories have been employed in the past for designing the biker’s jacket without taking into consideration the factors that affect the bikers. As much as one loves riding, the risks involved in riding also cannot be ignored and hence safety should be given a fair consideration. With the development of high impact resistant materials, riders bestow confidence on biker’s jackets as they provide both style and safety. Different materials depending upon the features are available in the market. This review attempts to bring together vibrant research that has been done in the field of biker’s jacket right from material to accessories. An attempt has been made in this paper to do FEM analysis on the materials that can be used as armors in jackets followed by development of biker’s protective jackets. Based on the FEM analysis, it has been concluded that apart from PU, materials like Polyether sulfone, Styrene butadiene, Thermoplastic polyurethane can be recommended for armors in motorcycle jackets.


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