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Successful Live-birth Following Recurrent Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancies: A Case Report

Cesarean scar pregnancy (CSP) occurs at the site of a previous uterine scar and the prevalence is estimated to be between 1 per 2000 to 1 per 2500 cesarean deliveries. CSP is associated with serious complications such as uterine rupture or life-threatening hemorrhage which may necessitate a hysterectomy. Moreover, recurrent cesarean scar pregnancies (rCSP) had been reported, and only two cases with reproductive outcomes have been described. Unfortunately, both case reports had poor outcomes. One woman had rCSP recurring twice while the other woman ended up with another rCSP and received a laparotomy scar repair, following with a biochemical pregnancy and two intrauterine spontaneous miscarriages. Given such a negative outlookHysterectomy, women with rCSP were apprehensive about conceiving again and scar repair had been suggested to these women in the hope to of achieving a successful intrauterine pregnancy in the future. Hereby, we present a case of a woman who was diagnosed with rCSP and underwent uterine-preserving treatment successfully resulting in the live birth of a healthy boy at her fourth conception without scar repair. This current case report may offer hope for women with rCSP who desire further pregnancy and a spontaneous conception in a woman with a history of rCSP can still result in a livebirth.

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