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Successful Treatment of Keratoconus using Allogenic Fresh Myopic Lenticule Implantation and Autologous Serum

Purpose: We present a case study of a 19-year-old patient with severe keratoconus and chronic hydrops with a corneal scar who was treated with Fresh Myopic Lenticule (FML) implantation and autologous serum.

Methods: A 19-year-old female patient with keratoconus, chronic hydrops cornea, thin cornea (378 µm), and mild dry eye symptoms consulted our clinic. FML implantation was performed with Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE), and application of autologous serum was done postoperatively for 8 weeks.

Results: The central corneal thickness improved on the same day of the surgery, and vision improved 1 week postoperatively. The corneal topography showed a significant decrease in the anterior K1 and K2 values. The graft in the recipient cornea was clearly visible on anterior segment optical coherence tomography. On the 1-year follow up, the central corneal thickness remained stable at 474 µm without any complications.

Conclusion: A fresh lenticule was used in this lenticle implantation procedure with postoperative application of autologous serum on a patient with keratoconus which resulted in an increase in corneal thickness and improvement in visual acuity without any complications.

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