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Superficial Peroneal Neuropathy after Surgical Intervention: A Case Report

Superficial Peroneal Neuropathy after Surgical Intervention: A Case Report

True neuropathies are rare in young, active athletes. However, following invasive treatments and surgeries damage to neurovascular structures, particularly those that are superficial, may occur. This case was complicated by continued tenderness subsequent to a navicular fracture, which masked the neurogenic signs and symptoms related to superficial peroneal neuromas. This report presents the case of an iatrogenic injury leading to the development of neuromas in the superficial peroneal nerve following  several surgical interventions for a navicular stress fracture. A 20-year-old female collegiate soccer player, with a previous history of foot injury, was diagnosed with a navicular stress fracture. She underwent ORIF with bone grafting to repair non-union of stress fracture. During normal rehabilitation progression, the patient developed anterolateral ankle pain.

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