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Surgical Emergencies in Liver Hydatidosis: Not too Much, but Severe

Surgical Emergencies in Liver Hydatidosis: Not too Much, but Severe

Liver hydatidosis is a zoonosis caused by Echinococcus that has worldwide distribution. There are three types of therapeutical options: surgery, medical treatment and PAIR. But surgery is the treatment that offers better long-term results. Usually surgery for liver hydatidosis is made as a scheduled procedure, but sometimes, severe symptoms provoked by liver cysts must be treated in emergency setting. We have made a review of every complication that could provoke liver hydatidosis: complications related to cysto-biliary communication, intraperitoneal rupture, vascular complications and rupture in surrounding organs. We have made a review of epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment of each complication, focusing when an emergency treatment is needed. We could conclude that only few patients require an emergency treatment due to liver hydatidosis, but morbidity and even mortality is high because diagnosis is difficult and sometimes delayed, and we have to face to severe medical situations.

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