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Sustainability of Community Based Ecotourism Development after the Impact of Tsunami Disasters: Comparison between Buddhism Community and Muslim Community in Phuket Province, Thailand

Community base ecotourism development has a tool for biodiversity conservation and environment protection including social sustainability and sustainable community economic development. This paper assesses implementation of CBED and compares sustainability of ecotourism development between Tha Chat Chai Buddhist (TCCB) community and Bang Rong Muslim (BRM) community. The data collected mainly through the household questionnaire survey, field observations, in depth interviews and focus group discussion. 315 households were informed in this paper including 160 of TCCB and 155 of BRM participants. The study use 74 indicators based on 7 dimensions, environment, social, cultural heritage, economic, marketing, spirituality and religious traditions and policy. Results from this analysis indicate that sustainability of CBED in two communities is significant different in social, marketing and spirituality and religious traditions context. BRM community is very successful in sustainability of CBED more than the TCCB community. The results reveal that varied greatly between two communities with empowerment and local community involvement in implementation of CBE. However, both communities have poorest sustainability on economic dimension. The need to achieve sustainability of CBED, partnerships should be collaborative making design policies for enhancing CBE to sustainable development.

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