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Sustainable Textiles Industries in Brand Technology between Technologies of Brands

Sustainable Textiles industries in Brand Technology between Technology of production Brands, The technology industry thrives on change, requiring constant experimentation and innovation. Rather than deterring new entries, highly saturated markets beckon for potentially Technology products and ideas. other hand; To stimulate customer loyalty and differentiate from competitors, tech brands strive to continually deliver Technology software updates of textiles, communicate novel use cases or launch new systems of textiles Technology and brand if textiles; to know how strategic tech company branding and marketing can help your company generate a competitive advantage in this fast-moving space.

Methodology: A qualitative research approach is applied analyses in-depth profile companies of the world’s high-end technology of brand companies “TBC”. Purposeful sampling strategy is used to select the companies. The qualitative content analysis technique is used to analyze the companies profile data.

Results and decisions: The findings revealed various themes, such as sustainability issues in producing technology of brand companies “TBC”, improved value as Brand Technology “BT” creation processes with leading solutions, and perceived difficulties in the adoption of “TBC”,. Major improvements are perceived in the apparel retail business because apparel companies are more prone to adopt the Industry technologies with advanced business intelligence “BI” solutions. The results prove the pivotal role of economic sustainability in the adoption of Industry technologies in “TBC”, companies.

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