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Technical Issues Related to the Composting of Residues Containing a Very High Quantity of Liquid Rich in Solublic and Suspended Elements, Mineral and Organic

Organic residues from grocery, restaurant, cafeteria, greens and domestic markets (browns back) should no longer be disposed in technical and sanitary landfills. These residues have a good richness in nutrients that can be recovered. On the other hand, some of these residues contain a very high proportion of liquid loaded with mineral and organic substances in solution and in suspended form, which constitutes a high risk of environmental pollution. Several technology transfer projects overseen by the author of this paper consisted of composting very liquid-rich residues such as fruits and vegetables from grocery stores. The objective of these projects was to recover all the liquids extracted from these residues without affecting the composting process and without compromising the quality of the composts produced. Solutions to this problem are based on measurements, analysis and calculations for the formulation of effective mixtures.

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