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Technological System Construction on Artificial Embryos Synchronization in Artificial Seeds Production of Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit

Using Pinellia ternata leaf blade or petiole as explants, the singlefactor tests and orthogonal tests were used to research the effects from different explants and plant growth regulators to callus induction, cell micromasses suspension, cell micromass expansion and artificial embryo formation of P. ternata. Results showed that all induced calluses grew well and became looser using leaf blade explants and the combination of 2.0 mg/L 2,4-D and 1.5 mg/L BA or using petiole explants with 1.5 mg/L 2,4-D and 1.5 mg/L BA in the induction medium. The loose callus after three subculture with 2.0 mg/L 2,4-D and 1.5 mg/L 6-BA in medium was suitable materials to use as cell micromasses expansion culture. The expanded cell micromasses were differentiated and developed to form well synchronizing artificial embryo by suspension culture (suspension medium with 1.0 mg/L 2,4-D, 0.5 mg/L 6-BA, 40 g/L sucrose and 300 mg/L CH) and differentiation culture (differentiation medium with 0.5 mg/L 6-BA, 0.05 mg/L IBA, 10 g/L sucrose and 300 mg/L CH). This study successfully constructed and optimized the technology system of artificial embryos synchronization culture of P. ternate, it realized a breakthrough of the key technologies in artificial seeds production of P. ternata.

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