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The Anti-Cancer Preparation Nsc-631570 (Ukrain) and Its Effect on Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancer

In a controlled randomized study by Prof. Beger et al. in the Ulm University Hospital, Germany, the therapy with NSC?631570 and gemcitabine doubled the survival rate in the patients with inoperable advanced pancreatic cancer. The longest survival was 19 months in the group treated with gemcitabine alone, 26 months in the combined group, and in the NSC?631570 alone group two patients were alive after 28 months. NSC?631570 was well tolerated. The study authors consider further evaluation of NSC?631570 as justified whereas the quality of life of the patients improved. Patients were further observed after the conclusion of the study and it was noted that UKRAIN was well tolerated and could be administered without problem to all patients. UKRAIN brought about a significant increase in survival time in comparison to therapy with gemcitabine alone. Combination therapy with gemcitabine and UKRAIN showed no advantage over monotherapy with UKRAIN. The longest survival in the gemcitabine group was 19 months, 21 months in the gemcitabine + Ukraine group, and in the Ukraine group a patient was still alive after 28 months.

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