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The Art of Aesthetic Facial Profiloplasty by Genio-Rhinoplasty

Objectives: (1) Know different nose and chin parameters contributing to the facial profile harmony. (2) Detect the specific facial imbalance of the nose and chin in any patient who is seeking correction of facial profile. (3) Apply different techniques for chin advancement with the least complications and best results. 
Abstract: The chin like the nose is in a prominent position on the face and plays very important role in facial profile. The important relationship between the nose and chin may be underestimated by facial plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasty. In this presentation different nose and chin parameters contributing to the facial profile harmony will be described. Chin analysis will be discussed according to the most consistent methods. Surgical techniques for chin advancement include alloplastic and osteoplastic advancement. All procedures were performed under general anesthesia with intraoral incision. After exposing the mentum, horizontal osteotomy was performed for chin advancement at the extent which was estimated on preoperative evaluation. The advanced segment was fixed in place with titanium plates or screws. High definition instructive videos of chin advancement procedure will be presented including tips to prevent complications. Genioplasty could be performed in patients with chin problems during, before or after rhinoplasty to make a beautiful profile. Our experience with osteoplasty showed satisfactory results with no significant complication

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