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The Concept of Shrinkage of Temporalis Fascia Graft

Objective: To analyse the concept of shrinkage of temporalis fascia graft.

Study design: A prospective cohort study.

Materials and Methods: Fifty adult patients of chronic suppurative otitis media-mucosal disease/ tubotympanic type were recruited in the study design and temporalis fascia graft was procured by post auricular incision while doing underlay tympanoplasty. Surface area of fresh, dry and rehydrated graft was measured by a graticule to deduce any significant shrinkage. The results were tabulated and statistically analysed in accordance with evidence-based medicine.

Results: A statistically significant shrinkage of temporalis fascia graft was recorded in this study for wet grafts as compared to dry grafts (more than 20%).

Conclusions: There is a significant shrinkage of temporalis fascia graft when it is rehydrated, which could be an important factor influencing the outcome of tympanoplasty done by underlay technique.

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