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The Contemporary Scope of Renal Histopathology in Diabetic Patients- Analysis of Kidney Biopsy in Single Centre

Objective: The aim of the study is to form an impression about the spectrum of non-diabetic kidney disease and evaluate the factors which can differentiate the two.

Methods: A descriptive study, conducted in Nephrology unit, The kidney center Karachi, from January 1998 till December 2015. The study included 212 diabetic patients. Those who do not have complete record and eye examination were excluded.

Results: The study included 212 diabetic patients who underwent kidney biopsy at the kidney centre. Those who do not have complete record and eye examination were excluded. The mean age was 52.4 ± 11.96 SD. There were total 128 (60.4%) male and 84 (39.6%) female with a male to female ratio of 1.5:1. The patients with DKD were 76 (35.8%) NDKD were 91 (42.9%) and NDKD + DKD were 45 (21.2%) Among different NDKD, the frequency of different lesions found alone were FSGS 22(16.2%) which was the most frequently occurring lesion followed by chronic TIN 13 (9.6%), chronic GN10 (7.4%), Crescentic GN 8 (5.9%), MGN 7 (5.1%), acute TIN 5 (3.7%) and Amyloidosis 4 (2.9%), were most common non diabetic kidney diseases. On the other hand among NDKD superimposed on DKD The most frequent lesion was chronic TIN 10 (7.4%) followed by MGN 6 (4.4), chronic GN 5 (3.7%) and CGN 4 (2.9%).

Conclusion: Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and Tubulointerstitial nephritis were the most common biopsy findings in this cohort, while shorter duration of diabetes mellitus and absence of diabetic retinopathy were important factors to diagnose non diabetic kidney disease.

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