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The Effects of Physiotherapy on Children with Cerebral Palsy Below 6 Years Attending to Therapy at Mukisa Foundation- Uganda

Mukisa Foundation (a home for children with special needs in Uganda) offers physiotherapy to over 150 children with cerebral palsy annually. The aim of this study was to find the effect of physiotherapy on children with cerebral palsy attending to therapy at Mukisa Foundation.

In this study, I reviewed 100 children with cerebral palsy together with their parents on how physiotherapy has impacted their children. Exercise therapy was the major technique used and various exercises were applied which included strengthening exercises especially for the neck and trunk, hand functioning techniques for reaching out and grip, positioning, training transfers and transitions, weight bearing exercises, passive joint range of motion stretches, facilitated sitting and applying the tone influencing patterns. These exercise techniques aimed at reducing and improving the disorders suffered by these children some of which include weak neck and trunk control, abnormal tone, drooling, swallowing difficulties, and reflexes.

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