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The Interaction between Metformin and Bile Acids in Metabolic Disease

Objective: To review the function of bile acids and the mechanism of metformin in lipid and glucose metabolism, and the interaction between metformin and bile acids.

Methods: PubMed and Google Scholar were searched using terms such as bile acid, lipid, glucose, metformin and type 2 diabetes. Additional relevant references were identified by reviewing the reference lists of articles.

Results: Bile acids are important molecules of regulating glucose and lipid metabolism through FXR and TGR5, while metformin through AMPK signaling pathway. Regulator role of metformin in glucose and lipid metabolism might be associated with bile acid metabolism.

Conclusions: Metformin as a welcomed antidiabetic drug can modulate glucose level via bile acids secretion. Keywords Metformin; Cholesterol; Antidiabetic drug; Bile acids; Type 2 diabetes

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