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The Intertwined Links in Sustainable Food Heritage Tourism: Local Entrepreneurs and Visitors Perspectives

The social and economic power of sustainable food heritage tourism is gaining momentum in recent years as an economic propeller to many entrepreneurial and business entities. This paper reviews the literature on the links created between heritage and food tourism. It separates this cultural experience from that of mass tourism. Additionally, it sheds light on the aspect of food as a fundamental part of a tourist’s experience in understating a country’s legacy. Food tells a deeply engaging cultural and historical story about every nation. Culinary specialties can be experienced by all senses holistically when a person is visiting a foreign country. This food journey differs greatly from other aspects of tourism. Traditional tourism does not engage the complete suite of sensations upon visiting landmarks, paintings or museums the way that the spirit of a place can be captured and lived via a plate. Moreover, most of the studies have focused on one region of the world, but the results are quite holistic, which in turn does not limit their viability and consequently they can be applied to any country around the globe. Some research focused on travelers’ shared experiences and how food taught them a lot about each region and its people. While other studies looked into the economic aspect of food heritage tourism and how it can become an essential tool to revive many areas, especially marginal and rural ones.

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