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The Kampala City Festival and its Impact on the Development of Tourism in Uganda

The Kampala City Festival and its Impact on the Development of Tourism in Uganda

The Annual Kampala City Festival is presently the biggest annual festival in East Africa. It became a major attraction where business is expanded since its inauguration in 2011. It came at a time when Kampala and Uganda at large were seeking more effective ways of evolving Urban Tourism. Revelers extend days in town, money is realized in building economy from the hands of international revelers in areas of goods bought, lodging, transport, souvenirs, partying and fun. The event has subsequently been earmarked as one of the top engagement to display the Ugandan culture. It is a way to promote art, music, entertainment, fashion, business, technology, industry, contemporary, pop as well as other artistic displays all at the same time in the same occasion. The Carnival with its main unique feature of attracting regional and international participation has enabled it to experience significant growth. It has helped Uganda meet the current-trend needs of tourism diversification and desire for stronger fresh businesses and markets. This has acted as an economic engine for organizations to grow, network and prosper. It has also boosted a gracious-rapid development of tourism. This paper clearly expresses the event’s impact on Uganda’s economy with a special attention to the country’s tourism segment.

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