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The Olympic Moves Program, Around the World and In Japan: Current Status and Future Opportunities

As we approach the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics to be held in the year 2020, many Olympic movements are underway in Japan. Although the Olympic Moves Project was launched in Holland as an Olympic movement in 2003 and has been underway in Japan from 2015, there have been only a few studies that have reported on the actual state of activities on projects in countries around the world and the present state of affairs in Japan. This study describes the content of Olympic Moves projects underway in various countries, along with the status of Olympic Moves in Japan and how the existing program can be strengthened. Holland, Belgium, and South Korea have each held large-scale sports events in their Olympic Moves program, with teenagers from all over the country coming together at famous sports stadiums. In contrast, the events in Japan have been recreational in nature and limited in scope to individual middle schools. We hope that  his aspect of the Olympic Movement will continue at many middle schools as a positive, lasting part of Japan's Olympic legacy.

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