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The Response of Soil Health to Different Tillage Practices in Organic Viticulture Farming

Turkish varieties of seedless grapes and raisins are among the most sought after varieties in domestic and international markets. The present study determined the influences of the four different tillage practices; mulching, chisel tillage, plow tillage and conventional tillage under organic. The experiment was distributed using complete randomized block design (RBD) with three replications consisting of 12 vines per plot. Overall, data showed that nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium were highest under mulching whereas, sodium, iron, and manganese were the
highest under conventional tillage, and finally Copper and Zinc were the highest under the control treatment. Soil organic matter content at a depth of 0-30 cm under mulching was significantly
higher than those under other tillage practices. The response of soil micronutrients to mulching was higher compared to more intensive tillage practices.

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