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The Review of Behcet Diseases: A Case of Sub-acute Bilateral Hypopyonic Uveitis after 20 Years of Behcet Diseases

The current study was an attempt to report a case of subacute bilateral hypopionic uveitis and pan uveitis in a referral case of Behcet patient. Careful questioning of the patient and detailed examination of the eyes for other signs are necessary to guide the differential diagnosis and relevant investigations. In this study, a case of a patient with a 20 year history of Behcet disease and occular manifestation of bilateral hypopionic uveitis was presented in ophthalmic consultation. Hypopion resolved shortly after instating therapy but old scarified retinal lesion did not respond as well as long lasting posterior synchia.
Hypopion uveitis is considered in the context of the associated ocular and systemic diseases causing it. If Steroid therapy, which leads to significant remission of symptoms, missed diagnosis, it could have serious consequences for the patient. A rational approach based on the understanding of the causes of hypopyon uveitis is imperative.

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