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The Role of Preceding Technical and Tactical Skills on Jump Shot Accuracy in Male and Female Basketball Players

The Relationship between Competitive Experience and Performance in Skeleton

Preceding skill is often identified as a critical factor in jump shot (JS) accuracy, but research confirmation remains limited. Men’s superiority invites an assumption of gender differences regarding skills preceding a JS. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of preceding technical and tactical skill on JS accuracy among male and female basketball players. Notational analysis was applied to videotaped games (six top-ranking men’s and women’s teams, Greek National Basketball Championship, 2009–2010). Five technical skills (shooting distance, ball pick up, number of dribbles, hand of last dribble, motion of pass receiver, footwork) and four tactical skills (on ball screen, off ball screen, court sides of pass origin and destination, court areas of pass origin and destination) were examined. Preceding defensive pressure was also recorded.

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