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The Value of Korean Beauty with the Traditional Patterns of King’s Cloth – Especially “Hwa” (Flame), “Seongsin” (Star), “Jo” (Seaweed), “Bunmi” (Rice) Pattern

Recent fashion trends have been in sports sensibility and culture combined with a technical note. This study examined the value of Korean beauty as a fashion material by printing royal clothes with traditional patterns using the Neoprene. The traditional patterns of the king’s clothing, “Hwa”, “Seongsin”, “Jo”, “Bunmi” were applied to Neoprene for textile design. The textile design using these patterns was made to apply modern patterns through a CAD system and convey visually the meaning of Korean beauty with the design of Pantone Color. The four design patterns utilizing “Hwa”, “Seongsin”, “Jo”, and “Bunmi” were designed with different colors and designs. Modern textile patterns are reflected in the concept so that mapping for each item can effectively deliver Korean aesthetics. This study has significance for commercializing Korean beauty as fashion products. Korean patterns are also valuable for design development and are expected to improve the diversity of design planning.

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