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The Virology of COVID-19 and Quinine – Quinine in COVID-19

LiveWell Initiative LWI is a self-funded nonprofit social enterprise which thrives on innovation. ( The organisation has, for 5 years, supervised MPH and DrPH Practicums for the Harvard University, Boston USA. It also supervises PhD thesis at University of Helsinki, Finland.
At the inception of COVID-19, LWI designed and compiled three sets of STUDY PROTOCOLS in response to the COVID-19 RESPONSE in Africa with a goal to arriving at a practical and affordable solution to the pandemic. The 3 sets of Protocols have undergone professional debates among physicians, researchers and pharmacists for Hypothesis Testing over a 5-week period.
The Study Protocols are currently undergoing random Physician – Patient Trials at the discretion of Prescribing Clinicians and Clinical Researchers, they are as recommended in a compilation of recent findings by LiveWell Initiative LWI on COVID-19. LiveWell Initiative LWI, a nonprofit organization, takes no liability for damage from the use of the above suggested STUDY PROTOCOLS FOR COVID-19 RESPONSE
IN AFRICA. It is a Study Protocol designed to ‘evolve’ as an African Solution to COVID-19 Response.
The Protocols strongly suggest the use of Quinine for COVID-19 Treatment in moderate to advanced disease, recommending intravenous infusion of Quinine for critical care in COVID-19. The sample size is small and further studies are recommended but the result is significant.
In conclusion, Quinine is recommended for severe or advanced COVID-19 especially after the Cytokine Storm.

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