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Thoracic Solitary Osteochondroma with Spinal Cord Compression: Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

Background: Osteochondroma, known as exostosis, are the most common benign tumors of the bone that usually occur in the long bones. It is a rarity in the spine. When present in the spine, however, they have a predilection for the cervical region. They occur in two forms as solitary and hereditary multiple forms. Case Description: The authors describe a case of spinal cord compression due to a solitary osteochondroma arising from the T-8 vertebral facet. This 52-year-old female presented with spastic paraparesis. We also review the literature and discuss thoracic spine reported solitary osteochondroma. Conclusion: Thoracic spine osteochondromas can cause neurological symptom. Based on the presented case and literature review, the authors concludethat osteochondromas of the thoracic spine that cause myelopathy usually arise from the vertebral body and pedicle. Prompt and systematic radiological investigations are important in planning surgical management. Surgical excision usually yields good results. Keywords Osteochondroma; Spinal cord compression; Thoracic spine

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