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Thyroid schwannoma presenting by intractable persistent unexplained cough: a case report

Schwannoma of the thyroid gland is a very rare head and neck tumor. It was reported for the first time in the body by Verocay in 1908 and the first case in the thyroid gland was reported by Delaney and Fry in 1964. Till to date, there are around 30 reported cases of thyroid schwannoma. Case presentation: The most common presenting symptom was asymptomatic neck swelling, mostly in age between 4th and 5th decade, without any sex predilection. We are reporting a case of thyroid mass in a young patient invading adjacent tracheal wall and causing partial airway obstruction on ultrasonography and CT exams. Conclusion: The diagnosis of schwannoma was established by histopathology after hemithyroidectomy.

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