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Tibetan Vertebral Praxis Method on Lumbosacral Spine Benefits Functional Parameters on Patients with Knee Arthropathy Compared to Conventional Physiotherapy Localized Treatment

For thousands of years it has been affirmed and confirmed that the reflex pathways emerging from the spinal nerve roots, are closely related to the proper functioning of the entire body and especially the locomotive system. Starting with Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, who urged us to "look at the spine as the cause of all diseases", Tibetan doctors such as Yhom Thanm Mnegon Po and Danasla and ending with Still, Caillet, Jun-Ming Zhang and Hiroaki Sameda in our days; we find a vast and rich scientific material that supports this thesis.

In Tibet, a manual therapy, not aggressive technique is specially developed, giving answers to most of the unknowns, its name is the vertebralis praxis.

For this reason, we have summarised this work, which comes from the thesis called "Influence of treatment with lumbo-sacral vertebral praxis on primary degenerative arthropathy of the knee" where the results have been highly satisfactory.

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