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Tongue Reconstruction with Submental Flap: An Observational Study

Objective: Successful tongue reconstruction should restore swallowing, speech function, and cosmesis. This study was done to evaluate the functional outcomes of tongue reconstruction using submental flap for tongue defects.

Method: From August 2016 to June 2017, patients receiving submental flap for tongue reconstruction were included in the study. All patients had class II defect after surgery. Speech intelligibility score and swallowing assessment were done for functional evaluation.

Results: Total seven patients underwent submental flap reconstruction for tongue defect during the study period. Speech intelligibility assessment showed good outcome in 5 and acceptable outcome in 2 patients. Swallowing assessment showed good MTF score in 6 and acceptable score in 1 patient. There was no local recurrence.

Conclusion: Submental flap is good alternative for tongue reconstruction in patient with class II defects after surgical resection.

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