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Track and Field School Athletes in the Brazilian National School Games: Characterization of Nutritional Aspects, Anthropometric Profile, Sport Training and Performance

This article focuses on the relationship between anthropometric profile, dietary practices, sport training, and sports performance of school- athletes (15-17 years old) from athletics, participating in the national stage of the Brazilian School Games (JEBs) in the year 2013. This study is justified not only by the importance of these aspects in the preparation of sports but also for a role in the determination of income contribution. Still, the article through empirical data will complement the few data in the literature about the nutritional status of school athletes, mainly in athletics. The goal was to characterize the anthropometric profile, nutritional aspects and sport training practices (type, frequency and duration) of 50 Brazilian school-athletes (23♂ and ♀27) practitioners of athletics, and correlate this information to sports performance of these athletes on the national stage of the Brazilian School Games 2013, in the 15 to 17 years old category. As a method, we utilized a nutritional survey and a questionnaire to obtain data about sport training, which was collected through anthropometric measurements and analysed through the performance of these athletes through the competition results. Among the results, the following stand out: low fat percentage for boys and girls with stature and BMI predominantly normal, but with classification of overweight and obesity among female participants on field trials; calorie intake below the recommended but with macronutrient intake inadequate in proteins and carbohydrates; 28% used dietary supplements and 10% used drugs due to pain and anaemia; as for sports performance a large part of the sample qualified (25.5%) and some participated in the Final (42.5%) and took the podium (6.4%), even under these conditions. Among those who earned a place at the podium there was predominance for those who were born in the first half of the year.

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