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Treatment of Chronic Tinnitus by Xenon Phototherapy on the Stellate Ganglion

Objectives/Hypothesis: To reveal the treatment utility of xenon phototherapy around the stellate ganglion for chronic tinnitus unresponsive to oral medications.

Study design: Outcome research.

Methods: Subjects were 24 patients (13 men, 11 women, mean age: 66 years) with chronic tinnitus unresponsive to oral medications and 8 patients (5 men, 3women; mean age: 66 years) in the control group. Xenon phototherapy around the stellate ganglion (XPSG) was performed bilaterally for 10 minutes once monthly up to once weekly. At 3 months after the start of xenon phototherapy, treatment outcome was evaluated using the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) and a Numerical Rating Scale (NRS).

Results: No adverse effects of xenon phototherapy were observed. THI and NRS score were correlative. Wilcoxon’s signed rank test revealed a significant improvement in THI (p<0.05) and NRS score (p<0.01) at 3 months. Patients in NRS scores classified as ‘no handicap’, ‘mild’ and ‘severe’ groups showed improvement (p<0.05) at 3 months. THI scores improved in the severe group (p<0.05). THI and NRS score did not statistically significantly differences in the control group

Conclusion: Although this study was preliminarily, XPSG improved patient’s symptom of tinnitus measured by THI and NRS scores. XPSG was noninvasive and smart alternative therapy to SGB and promising treatment for chronic tinnitus unresponsive to oral medications.

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