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Treatment of Nevus of Ota with 694 nm Q-Switched Ruby Laser

24 years old female with Fitzpatrick type III skin presented to Aesthetica Clinic Dubai with unilateral periorbital hyperpigmentation macule present since birth. The diagnosis of the Nevus of Ota was made through the detailed history and the thorough examination. There were no similar condition anywhere else in her body and the family history is irrelevant. The Patient was photographed before the beginning of the sessions and after. Full explanation of the treatment plan with SINON Q- switched Ruby laser (QSRL) was done. A written informed consent was signed and a topical anesthesia was applied for 30 to 60 minutes under occlusion prior the laser treatment. Post procedure, sunscreen and topical antibiotic along with topical steroid, emollient, Melanin control mask and eldoquine 4% were prescribed in between sessions.

The patient had 7 sessions, two months apart, allowing the healing process to complete. There was no significant side effect as persistent erythema or scarring although the patient mentioned that she experienced minor pain sensation during the procedure. The parameters used with the SINON Q-switched Ruby laser (QSRL) were 3j/cm2 with the blue tip one pass with no overlap all over the hyperpigmented areas. Frosting was present with no elevation.

The results were evaluated based on visual inspection, patient satisfaction and comparing before and after photos. The patient was completely satisfied and this affected her quality of life as well as her self- esteem.

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