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Treatment of resistant melasma, responsive to fractionated CO2 laser (2.940 nm) + drug delivery. 6 years follow up

Objective: To determine the effect of ablative fractional photothermolysis on resistant melasma.

Methods: 64 patients (Fitzpatrick skin type 1 to 5) with resistant melasma were select. One session, of 2940nm ablative fractional Co2 laser were performed, and follow up the one session a year to maintenance. No other treatment was performed in the previous or subsequent months. The energy used ranged was very low from 5 mJ with 5% total coverage. Responses were evaluated by the researcher and the patients.

Results: 58 patients completed the study, out due side effects. In the opinion of the examining physicians, 52 patients the improvement at one month ranged from and for patients from 90% to 100%. Six patients achieved improvement of 75% 90% one month after the session. For patients the improvement at one month ranged. Previous impressions were maintained after years, with a annual session protocol, for the examining physician and the patients.

Conclusions: Efficient protocol with fractionated laser and drug delivery to resistant melasma with long term follow-up.

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