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Non-Invasive Test for Estimation of Liver Fibrosis

Background: In 2015 the digestive disorders were the second leading cause of morbidity among Mongolian population. The observed mortality from cancer in 2013 was 23.4% including liver cancer which is the first most common cause of cancer death. Furthermore, the digestive disease related death accounts for 4.7% of all mortality. Recently many noninvasive markers for assessing liver fibrosis have been developed, and they are frequently used in clinical practice. FIB4 index had a predictive value to confirm the existence of significant fibrosis with a specificity of 74% and a sensitivity of 70% and APRI score had a sensitivity of 89% and a specificity of 75%. Methods: Cross sectional study was carried out. A total of 120 patients were enrolled in this study including 40 healthy individuals, 40 patients with chronic viral liver disease and 40 patients with alcoholic liver disease. Complete blood count (PLT), biochemistry (AST, ALT), abdominal ultrasonography were performed. APRI, FIB-4 scores were calculated and compared with the results of the laboratory tests.  Results: A total of 120 patients were enrolled in this study; 40% of patients were males. Their mean age was 43.43±10.93 years. Liver fibrosis stages that are determined by APRI score: FO-1 mild fibrosis accounts for 54.3%, F2-3 moderate fibrosis 40.6%, F4- cirrhosis 11.5%; by FIB4 score: 62.8% was in F0-1, 20.3% was in F2-3, 11.5% was in F4 stage among alcoholic liver disease group. In viral disease group liver fibrosis stages that were evaluated by APRI score were 36.2%-F0-1 mild fibrosis, 32.4%-F2-3 moderate fibrosis, 31.4%-F4 severe fibrosis. Statistically significant difference were observed between alcoholic liver disease and viral liver disease groups in liver fibrosis stages that was determined with APRI score (p<0.05).

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