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Unveiling the Metallurgical Traits of Low Grade Gold Ore for Geometallurgical Analysis

Mineral characterization refers to the process of identifying and describing the various minerals that make up a sample or rock. This is done by using a combination of techniques, including visual inspection, chemical analysis, X-ray diffraction, and electron microscopy [1]. Visual inspection involves examining the physical properties of the minerals, such as color, luster, hardness, and cleavage. Chemical analysis can be used to determine the chemical composition of the minerals, including their elemental composition and the presence of specific minerals or compounds. X-ray diffraction is a technique that uses X-rays to determine the crystalline structure of minerals. This technique can be used to identify specific minerals based on their unique crystal structure [2]. The characterization is an important process in geology and materials science, as it allows scientists to understand the properties and composition of rocks and minerals, which in turn can provide insights into the geological history and formation of the sample

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