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Utilization of Recent Trends in Automobiles into Textiles Structures Tires for Bradding Wires in Belt of Steel Bridge

This paper relates to reinforcing yarns and cords and particularly to yarns and cords for reinforcing dynamic rubber goods. Textile yarns natural fibers- man-made - Transform fibers, and cords intended for reinforcing dynamic rubber articles, such as Tires or belts, have sufficient twist inserted to enable them to withstand severe compressive strains under conditions of abuse. The insertion of twist lowers the strength of the textile reinforcement and also it’s Modulus of Elasticity and for this reason the twist inserted is a compromise between strength and/or Modulus of Elasticity and durability. It is often desirable to have the highest attainable Modulus of Elasticity or stiffness in particular types of high-performance product, for under the tread of radial ply into Tires and as a warp braiding reinforcement on long-haul conveyor belts. This requirement has led to the use of small section steel cables in both these areas, though textiles are also used whenever possible because of their greater ease of handling in all over the world, with different climate and environmental conditions.

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