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Utilization of the Polarized Infrared Light for Prostate Cancer Visualization in Isolated Prostates

The current imaging methods for the prostate cancer diagnosis are complicated and partially invasive. Therefore, a key challenge for prostate cancer detection is to use a simple and non-invasive method. Imaging plays a crucial role in the non-invasive identification, localization and grading of prostate carcinoma. In this paper, we demonstrate the possibility using of polarized a near infrared (NIR) light for the in vitro prostate cancer detection and imaging. Because the intensity of NIR light passing through the cancerous outgrowth is lower than the intensity of NIR light passing through the noncancerous one, the cancerous formations are differentiated as the dark areas in the relatively white background. Specially developed software analyses and processes a distribution of intensities of the grayscale images, measures the ratios of their strength, and determines the rate of prostate malignancy. Obtained results may hold promise to make an important contribution to the diagnosis of prostate cancer in the early stage of its development.

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