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Why community-driven AI is the future

Digital technologies are shaping all aspects of our lives andrepresent a game-changer in implementing the sustainable developmentagenda and serving our communities. In particular,Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing life as we know it —from job opportunities to the way we interact with each other,conduct business and guard our privacy. The question is nolonger “WHY AI” but “HOW”. With the right mindset, weas a community can put the progress of AI for the benefit ofour societies. Our research shows that ML/AI can transformour communities and build products that benefit the majority.However, the adoption of AI by the majority is facing problemssuch as mistrust, disinformation, and misuse of personal data.To tackle these challenges, solutions need to be built by communities.Our findings show that when communities are giventhe right support and environment, they can come together tocreate these products with a success rate of over 90%. One ofthe solutions we are currently working on to address mistrustand disinformation, is a Knowledge Platform and playful learningtool developed on a multi-dimensional Algorithm to helpmap AI initiatives driven by communities around the globe,understand AI concepts, and develop essential skills for thefuture. Our platform has several unique features: (i) globallyaccessible, (ii) aggregates data from multiple sources, (iii) multidisciplinary,diverse and collab

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