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Women Catchball–Demographics,Physical Characteristics, and Injury Prevalence in Competitive Prevalence in Competitive Organized League Players

Catch ball is a team ball game that is similar in its characteristics to the game of volleyball and had developed in recent years as an amateur competitive sport, mainly for middle age women Our aim was to characterize injury prevalence, demographic background, and training profile of Cachibol female players' in high- and low-level leagues. A retrospective questionnaires study and quantitative evaluation of activity during a Cachibol match. A total of 493 female cachibol players, average age of 42.8 ± 6.1 years, players in a competitive organized league, participated in this study. In the lower leagues, most injuries were caused by ball impact (42.6%), with fingers being the most affected anatomical site (40.7%). The most prevalent injury cause in the upper leagues was overuse injuries (35.9%), with the ankle as the most affected site (27.1%). Upper league players were significantly taller, had more years of experience, and had higher training frequency than the lower league players. Match intensity was significantly higher in the upper league. Overall rate of injuries seems to be high for all players; the cause and the anatomical location of injuries are significantly different between players of different leagues.

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