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Woven Reinforced Composites for Improving the Design of the Hyperextension Brace

Hyperextension braces are the orthopaedic instruments mainly used to treat spinal compression fractures and for spine surgery recovery. The brace used for the research has a three-point leverage system which attaches to the sternum and pubic body regions and a back-embracing component that attaches to the lumbar region. This category of braces has proven to be effective in the treatment of vertebral problems, however research confirms that the use of this equipment is not comfortable. The brace has two main uncomfortable areas, the first one is located in the armpits and side-chest zone and the second one on the hips or pubic region, as a result, the aim of this research is to use textile reinforcement composites to improve the design of the hyperextension braces and to find a way to make it more comfortable for the user.

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