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Your Own Blood in Improving Your Look - Reality that Surprises - Review Article

Aesthetic dermatology is probably the fastest growing branch of the dermato-venereology. New trends in aesthetic medicine underline the natural resources and the use of non-invasive methods in the treatment, replacing the radical invasive methods and the use of medicaments. The benefits of these new procedures are, very short recovery time from the intervention, better tolerance by the patient, low-cost treatment. One of the innovations that is successfully applied in everyday practices at many dermatological and aesthetic departments and clinics is the treatment with plasma rich in platelets (plasma rich platelets). More recently it is being practiced in dermatology for face rejuvenation or so-called vampire lift, and lately in therapy of alopecia and to treat wounds. In fact, the procedure is performed to drawn the blood from the patient, then the blood is centrifuged and leads to the isolation of pure plasma rich in platelets that is rich in growth factors. The procedure can be practiced for more than once without any risk to the patient. New therapeutic modality for rejuvenation combines fractional CO2 laser with PRP (platelet-rich plasma). The combined treatment maximize the deep ablative effect of CO2 laser, as well as underlining the therapeutic effect of platelet-rich plasma. Laser micro-perforations improve plasma rich in platelets penetration. In this era of technological wonders, probably the most surprising things are the natural resources for the treatment of diseases. One of those breathtaking resources is the autologous plasma which demonstrates the inexhaustible possibilities of the human organism. All that is needed is to identify them and explore together with the increasing use of technical means and the hunger for profit of the modern world. However, even in the era of robotics we will remain just people.

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