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Agri Food Aqua Vet

Agri, Food, Aqua, Vet Journals publish scholarly articles from fields of Agriculture, Food Science, Aqua Science and Veterinary Science. These Journals are purely devoted to the fields concerned with the topics on agriculture, crop science, biodiversity, fishing, aquaculture, poultry science, dairy science, veterinary science and animal husbandry throughout the world with the wide range of latest discoveries.

Agri, Food, Aqua, Vet Journals provide a golden opportunity to the scientific community to distribute their work rapidly without relinquishing the quality with the help of Editorial Manager System. All the articles published in these Journals are permanently archived in PDF, HTML and Digital modes of the respective peer reviewed journals thus providing unlimited utilization and requisition of the scientific information.

Agri, Food, Aqua and Vet Journals stand among the top best open access journals having good Impact Factors. SciTechnol Journals also offer a broad range of author options, enabling authors to publish their material in quality hybrid access journals with a high degree of peer review integrity. Articles published in our Agri, Food, Aqua and Veterinary Journals are indexed at standard indexing databases.

List of Journals

Agri Food Aqua & Vet Conferences

3rd European Autism Congress

Webinar, Webinar

24th Euro-Global Summit on Food and Beverages

Rome, Italy

Singapore, Singapore

4th World Congress on Food and Nutrition

Webinar, Webinar

10th Global Summit on Mass Spectrometry

Amsterdam, Netherlands

2nd Global Summit on Earth Science and Climate Change

Prague, Czech Republic

International Conference on Food Science & Nutrition

Singapore, Singapore

30th World Conference on Food and Beverages

London, UK

7th World congress on Medicinal Plants And Marine Drugs

Prague, Czech Republic

4th International Conference on Aquaculture & Marine Biology

Singapore, Singapore

International Conference on Food Safety

Rome, Italy

5th Global Food Security Food Safety and Sustainability

Vancouver, Canada

World Conference on Agro-Ecology and Crop Science

Manila, Philippines

33rd International Conference on Food Science and Technology

Zurich, Switzerland

Functional Food & Advanced Nutraceuticals

Webinar, Webinar

10th European Food and Nutrition Congress

Paris, France

24th International Conference on Food Fraud & Conference

Webinar, Webinar

International Conference on Agronomy and Agricultural Techniques

Singapore, Singapore