Ajit K. Saxena

Ajit K. Saxena
Department of Pathology and Lab Medicine
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India

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Dr. Ajit Kumar Saxena is currently serving as the Professor in All India Institute of Medical Sciences located in Patna, Bihar in India.

Research Interest

His research interest lies in In vitro cytotoxicity against 38 human cancer cell lines and in vivo anticancer activity in murine models and human cancer xenografts in nude mice of new natural and syhthetic projects for drug development. Biochemical, electron microscopic, confocal microscopy & flowcytometry based studies pertaining to various events and targets such as apoptosis, cell cycle analysis, mitochondrial membrane potential, reactive oxygen species, nitric oxide, Caspases, NF-kB, Survivin, Bcl-2, Heat Shock proteins, PARP etc.


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