Amnon Jacob Suissa

Amnon Jacob Suissa, PhD
Department of Sciences Humanities School of Social Work
University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), Canada

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Dr. Amnon Jacob Suissa holds a Masters in Social Work and a Ph.D. in sociology, Amnon Jacob Suissa has specialized in the study of addiction phenomenon and examines its social determinants and intervention processes associated. Dr. Suissa collaborated on several research projects related to gambling and money and is a member of a research team led by Elisabeth Papineau and funded by the FQRSC.

Research Interest

Dr. Suissa is interested in the social implications and public health issues related to gambling and money. In this vein, he collaborated with Dr. Chebat to study the effects of prevention messages to players who engage in video lottery terminals (VLTs). In the past, investigations have focused on gambling and alcoholism. His work has helped to revive the debate on psychosocial issues related to the medicalisation of addictive behaviors, often considered permanent medical conditions or diseases. Dr. Suissa research also focused on the clinical and psychosocial cues in family intervention. Finally, he leaned on the representations of the body and medicalization, through the example of cosmetic or plastic surgery and cyberdépendances.


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