Bruno Duarte Sabino

Bruno Duarte Sabino
Institute of Criminology Carlos Ebolioli, Brazil

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Dr. Bruno Duarte Sabino graduated in Pharmacy (1998) with specialization in Pharmaceutical Industry (2000) and MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences (2002), all UFRJ. Dr. Bruno Duarte Sabino completed his postdoctoral internship at UNICAMP (Thomson Laboratory) "Applications of Mass Spectrometry Technique in Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry" (2010). He is the CEO and Technical Services Laboratory Retest Analysis, Teaching and Research Corporation and criminal expert of the Institute of Criminology Carlos Eboli-RJ (Service Skills in Chemistry. Dr. Bruno Duarte Sabino is Professor of Forensic Chemistry Course Graduate Criminal Expertise (since 2006) and Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology module Drug Abuse and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Toxicology and Forensic Chemistry (since 2009) of UCB - RJ. Dr. Bruno Duarte Sabino is Professor of Forensic Chemistry at the State Civil Police Academy Sylvio Earth (ACADEPOL) of Rio de Janeiro since 2008.

Research Interest

Dr. Bruno Duarte Sabino's research interest includes validation Methodology for Analysis of Drug Metabolites in Urine by Gas Chromatography Technique Coupled with Mass Spectrometry in a laboratory for toxicological analysis to accreditation by the ABNT NBR ISO / IEC 17025.


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