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Chizoma M Ndikom

Chizoma M Ndikom, PhD
Department of Nursing
University of Ibadan, Nigeria

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Dr. Chizoma is a lecturer in one of the most highly rated universities. The University has the vision of being a world class university. Dr. Chizoma has a lot of roles to play in enhancing the quality of nursing education and improve women’s health and care of the child bearing family. Dr. Chizoma has interest in contributing to reduction of maternal and child mortality through research and education.

Dr. Chizoma teach Midwifery, Reproductive health and maternal and child health nursing and some other courses to the undergraduate students at various levels in the department of nursing. She has participated in various research projects. Dr. Chizoma is also involved in the supervision of the students’ research project and care study, general administrative duties, research, clinical teaching of students and clients.

Dr. Chizoma is the Principal Investigator in the study on cervical cancer uptake among women. Dr. Chizoma has interest in contributing to reduction of cervical cancer mortality among women. With academic preparation in the University of Ibadan as a nurse educator, maternal and child health nurse as well as a medical sociologist.

Dr. Chizoma is a member of Cochrane Collaboration, pregnancy and childbirth group. She is currently working on a systematic review.

Research Interest

Dr. Chizoma research interests include medicine, nursing science, nursing research and evidence based practice, child health, nursing education, maternal health.


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