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David K Mills

David K Mills, PhD
School of Biological Sciences/Institute for Micromanufacturing
Louisiana Tech University, USA

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Dr. David K. Mills received his Ph.D. in 1990 from the University of Illinois’ College of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Mills joined the faculty at Louisiana Tech University in 1994. He is the Marvin T. Green Jr. Endowed Professor in Pre-Medicine within the School of Biological Science in the College of Applied & Natural Science. He holds a joint faculty appointment at the Institute for Micromanufacturing and CBERS, the Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science, in the College of Engineering and Science. Dr. Mills is also the Director of CATALyST, the Center for Applied Learning to Yield Scientific Thinking, a regional center for science and mathematics education pre K-16+. He has over 50 papers published in national and international journals of education, engineering and science. He has directed over 70 MS and PHD students in the fields of Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Molecular Science and Nanotechnology. He is a recent recipient of Louisiana Tech’s Faculty Senate Chair award in 2009 and received the University’s Foundation Professorship award in 2008.In the College of Applied and Natural Sciences, he has received the Outstanding Researcher award in 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007, the Outstanding Teaching/Director of Research award in 1999, 2005, and 2007 and the Outstanding Director of Undergraduate Research award in 2000. Dr. Mills is President of organicNANO, a Louisiana company, formed in 2010 that is primarily in the business of developing and commercializing halloysite nanotube (HNT) technology and bioactive polyelectrolyte multi-composite nanocoatings and nanofilms (PMNs). The company’s mission is to develop bioactive therapeutics that prevents infection, advance tissue repair and regeneration at the nanoscale using biocompatible and green biomaterials.organicNANO is a company that has developed halloysite technology along several discrete product lines including 1) a nanoenabled bone cement, epoxy and resins fillers, grouts, and adhesives; 2) dental nanocomposites; 3) enhanced surgical materials including sutures, pads, gauze; and 4) cell culture platforms for tissue regeneration. Currently, organicNANO has three employees. In the next two years, the company plans to double or triple in size, in order to develop the halloysite technology locally. organicNANO is affiliated with Louisiana Tech University where the company president, Dr. David K. Mills has two main laboratories, a cell and molecular biology lab in the CBERS, an image analysis lab in the IfM and a nanofabrication lab in Carson Taylor Hall. He has access to the University’s vivarium, analytical and processing equipment including TEM, SEM, AFM, Confocal, X-Ray, XPS, FTIR, UV and cell culture, histology, materials characterization (AFM, elipsometry, surface profilometry, QCM, etc.) microscopy and molecular biology common labs.

Research Interest

The design of novel and dynamic nanofilms Nanoassembly for dental & orthopedic implants Application of nanoscale topographic and chemical cues for controlling chondro- and osteogenesis


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