Eva Monsma

Eva V. Monsma
University of South Carolina, USA

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Dr. Eva V. Monsma is currently working as an Associate Professor of Developmental Sport Psychology at the University of South Carolina. Dr. Monsma received her Doctoral degree in 1999 from Michigan State University and completed her Masters in Sport Psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 1994. Dr. Monsma has authored several publications Research Quarterly for Sport and Exercise, Journal of Athletic Training, Journal of Sport Science and The Sport Psychologist. Her publications reflect two lines of research: 1) the role of growth and maturation in athletic performance and 2) Cognitive factors such as imagery and burnout in performance. Dr. Monsma is also on the editorial board of The Sport Psychologist, Women in Sport and Physical Activity and the Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Exercise.

Research Interest

Growth and maturation in the development of female aesthetic sport athletes, the efficacy of imagery assessment and use in performance settings. Dr. Monsma research focuses on puberty, body image, social physique anxiety, imagery, anxiety, burnout, measurement.


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