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Finn Friis Lauszus

Finn Friis Lauszus, Associate Professor
Department of Gynecology
Herning Hospital, Denmark  

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Dr Finn F Lauszus has received his PhD in 1997 from Århus University, studied medicine at Århus University during the period of 1978-1987. Currently, he is working as senior consultant and associate professor at Herning Hospital in connection with Århus University. Administrative responsibilities as Research Specialist for the Gynecology Dept., Herning hospital and head of the section for Endocrinology and Fertility treatment at Herning Hospital. His research has included studies on diabetic pregnancies, sexual health, postoperative rehabilitation, granulosa cell tumor, growth factors and PCOS. He is serving as reviewer for journals like Diabetes Care, Fertility and Sterility, Acta Gynecologica Obstetrica Scandinavica, European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. He has authored 78 research articles.

Research Interest

Diabetic pregnancies, Sexual health, Postoperative rehabilitation, Granulosa cell tumor, Growth factors and PCOS.


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