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Herta Flor

Herta Flor
University of Heidelberg, Germany

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Professor Herta Flor is a neuroscientist and the scientific director of the department of Neuropsychology at the University of Heidelberg, Central Institute for Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany. Most of her work on the topic of pain focuses on the role of learning and memory processes and related plastic changes of the brain in the development and maintenance of chronic pain. A special focus has also been on the development and evaluation of new interdisciplinary behaviorally oriented treatments for chronic pain such as extinction training. More recent research has examined the interaction of body image, implicit body-related learning and brain changes in chronic pain and uses virtual reality applications and body-related illusions in both the assessment and treatment of chronic pain.

Research Interest

Dr. Flor’s research work include Psychobiology, Assessment and Treatment of Chronic and Acute Pain; Role of Cortical Reorganization in Chronic Pain; Emotional learning; Psychophysiology and Therapy of Anxiety Disorders, Tinnitus, Drug Addiction; Brain Computer Interfaces.


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