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Hyekyung Choo

 Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore, Singapore 

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 Hyekyung Choo is an assistant professor at the Department of Social Work, National University of Singapore. She received her PhD from University of Pennsylvania and her MSW from Temple University. Her research areas cover adolescents’ health risk behaviors and video-gaming addiction and social service program evaluation. She has untertaken two large scales surveys on Singapore adolescents’ health risk behaviors and video-gaming, and is currently conducting evaluation research on an intervention program for adolescents’ video-gaming addiction. Her recent publications include “Pathological video-gaming among Singaporean youth: A two year longitudinal study” co-authored and published in Pediatrics (2011), "Pathological video-gaming among Singaporean youth” in Annals Academy Of Medicine, Singapore (2010) which received Silver Award for Best Publications of the Journal in 2010 together with her co-autors, and “Health risk behaviors of foreign-born adolescents in Singapore: Exploration of risk factors in an Asian context” in British Journal Of Social Work (2010) with her colleague

Research Interest

 Systemic influences on adolescents' health risk behaviors,Children and adolescents' video-gaming addiction and cyberwellness,Adolescent children of immigrants and their mental health and health risk behaviors,Social service program evaluation 


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