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Isaac Carreon has more than 20 years experience in community building, program development and mental health. Prior to joining Pacific Oaks College as an Affiliate Faculty, Isaac served as Kaiser Permanente’s Psychiatry Department’s Chronic Care Coordinator. Isaac implemented the short-term model program for Kaiser Permanente’s members, developed innovative groups for children and adults (i.e. Social Skills, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy), and developed networking strategies to increase community resources. Prior to this he served as the as the Director of Community Initiatives for the San Antonio Housing Authority (SAHA). Isaac grew the Community Initiatives department from 1 employee to 35 employees. His department was primary responsible for the implementation of SAHA’s Moving to Work Program, ROSS Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Self-Sufficiency Programs, HOPE VI CSS Endowment Grants, Education Investment Foundation (a non-profit Affiliate of SAHA), the National Demonstration Jobs-Plus Program, Section 3 initiatives, and the grants department and develop and implemented the Agency Plan.
Additionally, under Isaac’s leadership he also implemented health and wellness initiatives bringing in more than 600K in funding for Farmers’ Market, walking and bike trails, community gardens and Ride to Own bicycle program. He was able to raise an additional $4.5 million in grants. In 2005, Isaac co-pioneered CareMore Medical Group’s Mental Health Program. For 3 years Isaac developed and implemented mental health services, wellness programs and resources for the elderly population. His leadership resulted in the augmentation of mental health services to the elderly population from 0 to more than 10,000 members. He implemented support groups, individual, and family therapy. Isaac created a network of Primary Care Physicians (PCP)-thus creating a seamless referral system. From the ground up Isaac created depression surveys, referral forms, authorization system, communication policy between mental health and PCPs, tracking forms, and educational seminars. His programs resulted in a savings in inpatient hospitalizations.

Research Interest

Social Skills, Dialectic Behavioral Therapy and developed networking strategies to increase community resources.

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